Martin Růžička


Making and sale of wooden marionettes

Pavel Truhlář, Jan Kroupa and myself form a marionette theatre company performing under the name TEATRO TRUHLA. Our original marionette shows for adults and kids with live original music have been performed countless times in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as abroad (Hong Kong, Cabo Verde, Portugal, Belgium, Turkey etc.)

Our current active repertoire includes a dark marionette western from a Tex-Mex Border about promise given in childhood valid even after death “Promisetown Riders”, marionette sci-fi thriller about useless youngsters and unbearable adults “Captain Fotrix – Last Mission”, brand-new creepy marionette horror about paying old debts thru out generations “The Cabin”

We are capable of performing in English, potentially even in imperfect Spanish, so if you want to invite us, just get in touch.

And if you are interested in making marionettes or a stage set for your own theater, drop me an e-mail or call and let us start the conversation.

Captain Fotrix-the last mission

Captain Fotrix the last mission

the Cabin

the Cabin

the Cabin