Martin Růžička


Making and sale of wooden marionettes

If you want to learn how to carve a marionette from linden wood yourself, let me know and lets start planning your workshop in Prague or in Barcelona

You ideally come with a friend or friends. During my workshop, which is usually week long and conducted in English or Spanish, you will actually design, hand-carve, paint / dress and hang your own marionette.

You will not need to bring anything except your work clothes, your fantasy and insurance. I will have all necessary equipment and materials for you.

Prague workshop takes 7 days, it is placed in the villa near Prague castle, where is also possible to arrange your accomodations for the participants (5 maximum)

1 person 700 Euro
2 persons 1200 Euro
3 persons 1500 Euro

For Barcelona workshop (usually takes place in spring and fall) contact in advance Mrs. Teresa Travieso, an experienced spanish puppeteer…, phone/whatsApp: +34 934 126 692

Teresa Travieso